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So, you have decided that its time to get a kegerator.  Whether it’s to entertain or just plain out save money, we’ve got that best kegerators for you. After tedious research we have put together our top 3 picks for home use kegerators.  The table below provides a quick breakdown of our choices with a more in-depth description below.  If you have any further questions, be sure to leave a comment below or use our contact form.

Our 3 Best Kegerator Picks

KegeratorNo. of TapsPriceRating (Out of 5)

Danby DKC5811BSL

Midea HS-199B
KegCo Kegerator
Kegco K309SS-2

Danby Kegerator1. Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler

This Danby Kegerator has a stainless steel look and also a spotless finish that leaves it attractive to the everyone. It’s large enough to hold a 60 liter kegs with its 5.8 cubic feet of storage room. There is no need to worry about the this unit freezing with its automatic defrosting system.  It comes with all the essentials that you will need for years to come.  And, it comes with a worry free, 12 month warranty that covers all parts and labor with in home service available.



Midea Kegerator2. Midea HS-199B Compact Kegerator

This Midea kegerator has a capacity of 4.9 cubic feet with a translatable refrigerator function through reflex control. It has a black tower and a stylish stainless steel door with a black cabinet inside. The drip tray inside is well designed to collect drops and it is removable. It also has a two year warranty and can use up to 120 volts. The item weight is 81.6 pounds and 24.8*20.1*33.7 inches.



KegCo Kegerator3. Kegco K309SS-2 Dual Faucet Digital Kegerator

This particular  Kegco Kegerator has a stainless steel door and a digital temperature gauge. It comes with a great styling and a built-in dripping tray that is removable and easy to clean. It contains a chrome guardrail that avoids its glasses from sliding off and an easy gently sloping caster not forgetting a system of a complete two keg express draw. There is a visible easy push buttons that enables one to view the temperature gauge.. In addition to that, the K309 has a fan forced cooling gauging it to be one of the best cooling beer dispenser in today’s market with the temperature going as low as 32 degrees.



From our research, these kegeratros are the top 3 in the market for home use. If they are purchased through the correct suppliers, many have free and also fast shipping. Kegerators have a wide range of products and accessories that goes together with these refrigerators such as cleaning items to assist in keeping them clean. In addition, the varieties are in various sizes, colors, and textures thus giving a room for customers taste and preferences while choosing.

Advantages of Kegerators

1. Beer on Demand

There can be nothing better than coming home from a hard day’s work and exhausted schedule and de-stressing with a cold and crisp beer mug. A properly set up kegerator can ensure that you will always have a supply of your favorite beer at the right temperature, whether you are unwinding after a day’s work or entertaining friends.

2. Affordable

A kegerator saves money even if you prefer the big domestic brands. It is a far economical option even if you have an expensive taste in beer. It is far more affordable than buying expensive bottles of beer. Beer purchased by keg is a very cost effective way to keep up with your drinking habits. And the money you save on beer, you can spend elsewhere on your favorite gadget or a new pair of shoe.

3. No Bottles

It eliminates the hassle and messiness of empty bottles sitting by your door. A kegerator not only saves your money and messiness, but it’s environmentally friendly as well. You don’t need to worry about recycling the empty bottles and cans or filling up the landfills. Even if you are not the eco-friendly type, imagine that how will never have to run around your house, collecting bottles from the corners of your house on your weekly clean-up day or after a party.

4. Fresh Beer

If you have been to a great party with one of those picnic pumps, you must have experienced foamy and sticky beer. The beer gets warm and is not really enjoyable. And let’s face it what’s the point of a keg party after that. With a kegerator, your beer stays cold and fresh. The carbon dioxide tank used in the draft system ensures that the beer remains cold and a perfect amount of head is maintained up to 3 months.

5. Aesthetics

The types and finishes of kegerators available in the market are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The wide range of variety in finishes can make it simple for you to match it to your existing décor. There are a number of designs suitable for outdoor use so that it can withstand the environment.

In short, a kegerator is your source of fresh, non-foamy and crisp beer to enjoy on a quiet indoor evening or to have friends over for Sunday afternoon game. You can benefits are the above mentioned advantages and many more with your own residential draft beer system.

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