Midea HS-199B Kegerator Review

Midea HS-199B KegeratorDo you have a lot of parties in your backyard? Do you invite your friends over to watch games on your big screen? Do you simply love to play host? With the Midea HS-199B Kegerator, you can now turn these events into even bigger hits than before! The HS-199B will not only serve your guests cold draft beer in the comforts of your living room, but will also look great and make you extremely popular – all that and more at a very reasonable price!

The Midea HS-199B Kegerator is a single reversible door kegerator with the capacity to store full sized kegs. The size dimensions of the appliance are 24.8 x 20.1 x 33.7 inches and it weighs 81.6 pounds. The kegerator has a very sleek design. The polished black tower with its chrome trim gives the appliance a classy touch while the black cabinet with the stainless steel door finish will make it an attractive addition for your living room. It is a unique beer dispenser with a concealed door handle. It has a high cooling efficiency and keeps your beer at your preferred temperature. The kegerator can be turned into a 4.9 cubic feet refrigerator and comes with all the necessary hardware required for set up including the CO2 tank (which is shipped empty). The Midea HS-199B Kegerator is quite easy to install, very durable and comes with a convenient removable drip tray. It is easy to clean and has casters for portability. The appliance comes with a full one year warranty and a two year compressor warranty.


  • Decent Capacity: The Midea HS-199B Kegerator has a decent storage capacity and can hold full sized beer kegs.
  • Nice Design: It has a very attractive design with a stainless steel finish and black cabinet that makes it perfect for any home décor.
  • Doubles as a Refrigerator: The kegerator can be turned into a spacious 4.9 cubic feet refrigerator when it’s not being used to store kegs.
  • All Parts Included: The appliance comes complete with all the necessary parts and just needs to be set up.
  • Caster Wheels: It is portable and can be easily wheeled around at parties and barbeques.
  • Easy installation: The installation process is pretty straight forward, and the appliance will be ready to use within no time. All that you need to do is get the CO2 tank filled (as it comes empty) and install the keg.


  • Noisy: One of the major drawbacks of this model reported by customers is that it tends to make loud, distracting noises.
  • Problems with Parts: You may encounter problems with certain parts like the pressure regulator which can affect the quality of the beer you pour. The tower also has cooling problems and may dispense a few foamy beers at first.

The Midea HS-199B Kegerator is a fairly decent option with a whole host of features at a very affordable price. The easy installation, storage capacity and design make it perfect for every beer enthusiast. The fact that it can be turned into a spacious refrigerator also makes it a very good investment. However, the appliance does come with certain limitations like the noise and other minor complications. But, if you can deal with the noise, the Midea HS-199B Kegerator is a great deal at such a reasonable price.



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