Vinotemp Mini Kegerator Review

Vinotemp Mini Kegerator FrontWith Vinotemp’s stylish, tabletop kegerator you can enjoy that perfect pour every single time! Its compact design makes it perfect for your kitchen counter top, game room, and the light weight makes it very portable for your tailgate parties! The Vinotemp Mini Kegerator is an absolute treat for home brewers and a delight for all beer lovers.

The Vinotemp Mini Kegerator has the capacity to hold standard size mini kegs up to 5 liters. The size dimensions of the appliance are 21 x 17.2 x 10.5 inches and it weighs 26 pounds. It’s compact design and the fact that it comes with an AC and DC adapter make it extremely portable. The kegerator has an attractive design with a silver and black body. It allows for easy regulation of temperature with its push-button temperature controls and the convenient digital display lets you see exactly what temperature the beer is stored at.

The mini kegerator comes with a CO2 regulator that ensures a perfect pour and employs thermoelectric technology making its operation ultra quiet and energy efficient. The appliance works with both pre-pressurized kegs as well as non-pressurized kegs, and comes with a drip tray and a cleaning kit. All the necessary hardware is also included. i.e. beer dispenser, tap handle, pressurized keg adaptor, standard keg adapter, 2 keg seals, pressure release tool, CO2 regulator, 3 CO2 cartridges, cartridge holder, CO2 assembly stand, DC power cord, and AC power cord.


  • Compact Size: The Vinotemp Mini Kegerator is perfect for countertops and its compact design makes it extremely portable.
  • Attractive Design: The appliance is stylish with a black body and silver front.
  • Easy Installation: The appliance is easy to assemble with its simple and straight forward setup instructions.
  • Works with Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Kegs: The mini kegerator works with most 5 liter pre-pressurized and non-pressurized kegs.
  • Digital Display: The kegerator comes with a digital display that shows you the temperature of your kegs.
  • Adjustable Temperature Controls: The adjustable temperature control allows for easy regulation of temperature that ranges between 38F to 54F.
  • Ultra Quiet: The appliance is ultra quiet making it perfect for your TV room, game room and bedroom.
  • Environment Friendly: It is energy efficient and environment friendly as it uses thermoelectric technology.
  • Necessary Hardware and Accessories Included: It comes with all the necessary hardware required for installation as well as accessories making it ready to function the moment you set it up.


  • Takes Time to Cool Kegs: The Vinotemp Mini Kegerator takes time to cool down your kegs to the ideal temperature and may dispense foamy beer because of this.
  • Poor Quality Parts: The parts are made of cheap plastic which is not durable and may crack or break.
  • Slow Pour: The pour of the kegerator is very slow because of the small dispensing tube.


The Vinotemp Mini Kegerator has a number of advantages like its attractive design, adjustable temperature controls, environment friendly operation, easy portability and simple installation. It is a good choice in mini kegs but does have the drawbacks of slow pouring and cheap parts which make it not so desirable for long term use.

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