Avanti Mini Kegerator Review

Avanti Mini KegeratorDo you like cold draft beer in the comforts of your home? Or are you a party animal and prefer to take it on the go? Whatever the case may be, the Avanti Mini Kegerator is the perfect solution. It’s not only stylish and portable but has the added advantage of being able to accommodate two mini kegs at the same time!

The Avanti Mini Kegerator CB350S-IS weighs 39 pounds and has the capacity to hold two mini 5 liter kegs. The size dimensions of the appliance are 22.2 x 17 x 20 inches. It has an adapter which is used when dispensing pressurized kegs and can also work with non-pressurized kegs with the help of CO2 cartridges (sold separately). The appliance has a nice stylish body with a black cabinet and platinum finish. It has a digital temperature control display and interior LED lighting which can be switched on and off.

The Avanti Mini Kegerator includes a CO2 regulator and pressure gauge. It has a glass storage shelf which can chill mugs and glasses and a see-through window to show off your favorite brand of mini kegs. The appliance also has a draught style handle and tap along with a door safety latch to keep the door shut while dispensing beer.


  • Storage Capacity: The Avanti Mini Kegerator CB350S-IS is quite spacious for a mini kegerator and can hold two 5 liter mini kegs giving you twice the amount of beer compared to other mini kegerators.
  • Compact Design: The compact design of the appliance makes it very handy and portable so that you can take it around without any problem.
  • Works with Both Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Kegs: The Avanti Mini Kegerator works with pre-pressurized kegs as well as non-pressurized kegs, giving you a choice in brands.
  • Easy Installation: The setup and installation is quick and easy.
  • Digital Temperature Control and Display: There is a convenient digital temperature control that allows for easy temperature regulation and displays it on the front so that you know what temperature your beer is stored at.
  • Interior LED Lighting: The interior LED lightening comes with a useful on and off switch.
  • Stylish Look: The appliance has a very stylish look with a black body and platinum finish.
  • Glass Storage Shelf: It comes with a glass storage shelf that allows you to cool your glasses or mugs.
  • See-through Window: The See-through window at the front displays the brand of keg you’re using.
  • Door Safety Latch: It also features a very useful door safety latch to make sure that the door remains closed while you pour.


  • Noisy: The appliance can be a bit noisy when it starts, which is especially noticeable if it’s placed in your bedroom or TV room.    
  • CO2 Cartridges Have to be Bought Separately: Though the appliance works with non-pressurized kegs but the CO2 cartridges that make it possible have to be bought separately.
  • Poor Quality Parts: The regulator and tap are of poor quality and likely to be damaged very easily.
  • Draft Tube has a Small Diameter:  The draft tube has a small diameter which not only results in a very slow pour but can also leave the beer slightly de-carbonated.

The Avanti Mini Kegerator with its compact design, decent storage capacity, easy installation and useful features is a good choice for tailgate parties and home brewing. However, you must be patient in order to deal with its slow pour and cheap quality parts.

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