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Tyler Cox Drinking BeerMy name is Tyler Cox and I have one passion: Beer.  I know that this makes me sound like an alcoholic, but it’s not just about getting drunk.  It all started when I worked at a small micro-brewery.  There I learned the process of crafting beer and I absolutely loved it.  After college I got a job as a software engineer.  That’s where I found my second passion, web-design.

Not long after graduating from college, I wanted to find a good way to save some money.  I love to have family and friends over for entertainment, but since we were all beer drinkers, it seemed that there was never enough on hand.  It also became very expensive to drink as much as we did.  On top of this, I really did not like the taste of beer out of a can.  Bottles were better, but nothing touched the taste of draft beer.

That’s when I decided to invest in a kegerator.  It seemed like a logical conclusion.  Not only did beer taste better out of the kegerator, it was a hell of a lot cheaper.  So, like any normal person about to drop a few hundred dollars, I set out to research what the best kegerator was for my need.  The problem was that there was no site that came close to the information I was looking for.  And, that is when I decided to combine my love of beer and web design.

At BestKegeratorGuide.Com we do all the research and put it into a form that is easy to read and understand.  We take our knowledge of kegerators combined with the most up to date information from leading websites in the industry and help people make the best decision when buying a kegerator.  We hope that the site helps you make the most informed decision and would love to get feedback.  So, either use the contact us form or leave a comment.

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