EdgeStar Mini Kegerator Review

 EdgeStar Mini KegeratorDon’t deprive yourself of delicious cold draft beer just because you don’t have enough room for a full size kegerator! The EdgeStar Mini Kegerator (TBC50S) is designed to deliver pub-quality pour of beer without taking up much space! It can be used anywhere from your home countertop to a tailgate party and is even ideal for RV application.

The EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser uses DraughtKeg carbonator pressure technology for that perfect pour. It is designed to hold the Heineken DraughtKeg and can also be very easily modified to tap and serve other standard size 5-liter kegs with the help of the optional CO2 accessory kit. It has an electronic temperature control to maintain the perfect temperature for your pours.

The compact size (dimensions: 15inches h x 15inches w x 13inches d) and the light weight of the appliance allow easy portability. It is AC/DC compatible and includes AC/DC power adapters and comes with a cleaning kit. The Metallic silver cabinet with the window shows your favorite brand of mini-keg and the blue digital LCD display which can be turned on and off, shows the internal temperature of the appliance. There is an optional easy upgrade kit available to fit any brand of mini kegs.


  • Electronic Temperature Control: The electronic temperature control is easy to use and allows you to maintain the temperature of your beer between the range of 38 and 54 degrees F.
  • Compact Size: The compact size of the appliance is one of its biggest advantages as it can be place on a home countertop or taken around without the slightest difficulty.
  • AC/DC compatible: The EdgeStar Mini Kegerator (TBC50S) is both AC and DC compatible and includes both adapters.
  • Compatible With All 5 Liter Kegs: With the help of the CO2 accessory kit you can use any standard 5 liter keg with the appliance.
  • Attractive Design: It has an attractive stainless steel design with a window to show off your mini keg.
  • Unit is Quiet: The kegerator functions quietly without making any noise.
  • Good Customer Service: EdgeStar customers are extremely satisfied with the customer service department.


  • Generates A Lot of Foam: The kegerator tends to generate a lot of foam if the CO2 adapter is not set up properly.
  • Plastic Parts: The appliance has a very light construction with plastic parts which are not durable. Even the tap is made out of plastic, not stainless steel.
  • Beer Must Be Chilled Beforehand: In order to pour cold beer, the mini keg has to be chilled in a refrigerator before being placed in the kegerator. The kegerator is good at maintaining the desired temperature, but not at cooling down a warm keg to the said temperature. If the keg is placed without refrigeration, it would take a very long time before you can get a good pour.
  • Accessory Kit Has To Be Bought Separately: The CO2 kit that enables you to use other brands of kegs has to be purchased separately.
  • Inaccurate Setup Guide: The setup instructions are not very accurate and can make the installation process a bit difficult.

The EdgeStar Mini Kegerator is a beautiful compact size mini kegerator that is extremely portable and functions quietly. Though it has to be handled with care due to the light construction and must be set up properly in order to pour non-foamy beer. Overall, it is a good pick if you enjoy draft beer and are looking for a mini kegerator.

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