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There was a time when people believe that in order to become a real man, you had to grow chest hair and an awesome beard. It was cool back in the 80’s but time has changed. Nowadays, a real man has a kegerator ready for any party.What’s a kegerator? Well, you certainly are lost son. But worry not. I baptize you in the name of all men with kegerators around the world.A kegerator is a device that, when fitted with a keg, turns your party into the manliest party ever.

Imagine being able to serve perfectly cold beer as if it was served from the coolers of heaven. A certain variation of the kegerator, the mini kegerator, was created for manly men who like to keep their parties small and cozy but still wanted cold beer on the tap.Now that you know what a mini kegerator is, let’s try to take your baptismal further by introducing 3 of the best mini kegerators available for you in the market. This way, you will never get lost among the many imitations and wannabes.

Our Top 3 Best Mini Kegerators

Our table below gives you a quick breakdown of each mini kegerator.  For a more detailed review, scroll past the table.

Mini KegeratorMini Keg CapacityPriceRating (Out of 5)

Krups B100

Avanti Mini Kegerator

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

Krups Mini Kegerator1.  Krups Mini Kegerator – B100

The Krups Mini Kegerator is small and compact and is perfect for those indoor apartment or dorm room parties. It’s as if it was created as the perfect partner for your Heineken Draught Keg.



Avanti Mini Kegerator2.  Avanti Dual Mini-Keg Kegerator CB350S

The Avanti Dual Mini-Keg Kegerator is the biggest of the 3 mini kegerators  on the list and for a good reason. Unlike most of the mini kegerators available out there, it does not only fit one but two mini kegs in its compartment. For any man this means its double the fun.



EdgeStar Mini Kegerator3. EdgeStar Mini Kegerator TBC50S

Its name sounds like it came from a Terminator movie and it should be. The EdgeStar Mini Kegerator is a dark horse entry in our list of the best mini kegerators out there.  On top of that, EdgeStar kegerators are some of the best in the industry.



In our opinion, these are the best 3 mini kegerators on the market.  These can be great for individuals who do not have the room for a full kegerator, such as people who rent.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave a comment below or hop over to our contact page and send us a message.

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