Haier HBF05EBSS Kegerator Review

Haier KegeratorThe Haier BrewMaster HBF05EBSS is designed to fulfil the requirements of home brewers, beer enthusiasts and bar owners. You can put it in one place in your game room or wheel it around at dinner parties and barbeques, serving refreshing chilled draft beer to your loved ones!

The Haier BrewMaster HBF05EBSS is a full size kegerator with the capacity to hold 1/2, 1/4 & Mini Barrel Kegs. The size dimensions of the appliance are 26.5 x 24 x 36 inches and it weighs 106 pounds. The appliance has a free standing application. It has a black exterior with a stainless steel door (without the smudging) and door style rounded corners which give it a nice, stylish look.

It has a heavy duty textured work top and cabinet; a complete American Sankey Tap System, auto defrost functionality, and an adjustable thermostat. The appliance also has a stainless steel keg base support, and comes with a chrome beer tower, guard rail and drip tray. CO2 tank (supplied empty), pressure regulator gauge, hoses and a tap system cleaning kit are also provided. The appliance also has leveling legs and wheel caster; and can be converted to 6.4 cubic feet all-refrigerator with two shelves.


  • Easy Installation: The Haier BrewMaster HBF05EBSS is quite easy to install and the instructions will guide you through the entire process.
  • Cleaning Kit: The unit is easy to clean and comes with a useful tap system cleaning kit.
  • Nice Design: It has a great looking design: a stainless steel door with black body. The stainless steel door does not smudge up due to finger prints.
  • All parts included: The appliance comes with all the necessary parts required for its quick and easy installation. The parts include the unfilled CO2 tank, pressure regulator gauge, hoses, beer line, drip tray, guard rail, faucets and complete American Sankey Tap System.
  • Good Quality Pats: The BrewMaster HBF05EBSS lives up to Haier’s reputation with durable, good quality components.
  • Storage Capacity: The appliance is spacious with the capacity to hold 3 different size kegs, i.e. the half barrel, quarter barrel or torpedo keg.
  • Doubles as a Fridge: The kegerator can be turned into a refrigerator depending on the need, and it comes with two full width wire shelves especially for this purpose.
  • Caster Wheels and Leveling Legs: The kegerator can be wheeled around with the help of the four casters or placed in one position using the leveling legs.


  • Dispenser Freeze-Up: There have been complaints of the dispenser freezing up in the back which in turn heats up the interior of the appliance, and needs to be manually defrosted.
  • Inability to Control Temperature: The appliance also has issues of temperature control with the thermostat running too hot resulting in foamy beer or so cold that it results in freezing up your kegs.
  • Poor Customer service: There have been complaints about the customers being unsatisfied with Haier’s customer service.
  • More Expensive than the Haier HBF05EABB: The HBF05EBSS is $100 more expensive than the Haier HBF05EABB.

The Haier BrewMaster HBF05EBSS has a decent storage capacity, is easy to install and comes with all the necessary components that are of good quality. However the price and temperature complications make it less desirable than other Haier kegerators.

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