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What initially started as a small refrigerator company in 1920’s China to supply the growing Chinese market, has developed over the years into a worldwide consumer electronics and appliance company under the name Haier Group with Haier America one of its leading branches. Make no mistake however, their expertise with refrigerators, the product they’ve been developing since their inception, is probably what they are best known for, as well as their products’ quality and durability.

The purpose of this writing is to review several Haier Kegarators (keg refrigerator) and help you have a better understanding of their features, thus making it easier to decide on which Haier kegarator is best suited to your needs. Prices vary, as well as features, colors and materials of which the kegarators are made, so hopefully when you finish this read, you’ll be much closer to making the most informed decision possible.

The Kegerators are presented randomly, it doesn’t mean we are listing them from best to worst or vice versa. We will be taking a closer look for specifics, features, and of course customer feedback including pros and cons.

Our Top 2 Best Haier Kegerators

KegeratorNo. of TapsPrice Rating (Out of 5)
Haier Kegerator
BrewMaster HBF05EABB
Haier Kegerator

BrewMaster HBF05EBSS

1. The BrewMaster HBF05EABB Beverage Dispenser

Haier KegeratorThe BrewMaster HBF05EABB features the following dimensions: 23.9 x 23.7 x 33.2 and weighing 106 pounds, this kegerator can easily accommodate any size of beer keg, including oval shaped Coors/Miller kegs. Basically any beer keg you can think of, this fridge can hold. It comes with a double gauge regulator, casters, 5 pound CO2 tank and super sleek black cabinet and exterior. Being one of the more popular kegarators on the market, there is a ton of customer feedback we’ll take a closer look at.


  • all the parts fit inside the kegarator, minimizing foam and keeping everything cold
  • it’s not only easy to install and use, but also keeps your bear cold, even cold as ice if you so desire, it can almost freeze it if you set it up that way
  • doesn’t make a lot of noise, so it won’t bother you at night
  • has a lot of room, being able to insert any size keg is a big plus
  • well made piece of equipment, still runs just as it did on day 1, even 4 and a half years later
  • most affordable kegarator from Haier


  • you can’t change the direction the refrigerator door opens, so you might be slightly limited if you plan on positioning it in a tight space
  • no cleaning kit is included in the purchase and you kind of need one

Price: $559 on Amazon, down from $999

Haier Kegerator2. The BrewMaster HBF05EBSS Beverage Dispenser

The BrewMaster HBF05EBSS features the following dimensions: 26 x 26.5 x 36, while also weighing 106 pounds. It can hold 3 different size kegs, more specifically the half barrel, quarter barrel or torpedo keg, so you have several options when it comes to what type of keg to fill it with. It also features casters rollers making it easy to move around a party, and comes in an attractive stainless steel color. Co2 tank is included and a cleaning kit. Let’s take a closer look at customer pros and cons.


  • very easy to install and get up and working
  • when you turn the temperature to its coldest setting, your beer gets to 34 degrees cold
  • 6 years later still runs to perfection, and can also easily be converted to a refrigerator
  • each part made of quality materials


  • around $100 more expensive than the HBF05EABB
  • when the cooling element in the back freezes up, you have to manually defrost it to keep getting the 34 degrees temperature otherwise it can rise to 42.

Price: $660 on Amazon down from $1039

There you have it, a closer look at the most popular Haier kegarators, hopefully now you have a better idea of which one would suit your needs best. If you want ice cold draft beer, Heier is definitely the way to go!

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