EdgeStar KC700SSTWIN Kegerator Review

Edgestar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital DisplayDo your friends tell you how much they dislike it when they come back home and try to pour themselves a glass of beer from their kegerator but half the glass just fills up with foam and the beer is not as chilled as they’d like? Well that can happen if the said kegerator is of poor quality or has cheap parts. You can avoid making the same mistake with EdgeStar’s Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator (KC7000SSTWIN).

The EdgeStar’s Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator is ideal for commercial as well as everyday indoor use. The appliance has a sleek and stylish built with quality parts and a host of extremely useful features. With its front ventilation capability, you have the choice to put the kegerator under-counter built-in or use it in a freestanding application. The forced air refrigeration system evenly distributes cold air all around the interior of the appliance maintaining that ideal temperature that you desire. Cold air is also directed to the beer tower preventing your beer from turning into foam and the kegerator can reach temperature in the low 30s.

The EdgeStar’s Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator has the capacity to hold most full size half barrel kegs, oversized beveled edge kegs, pony kegs, or slim quarter kegs, and up to three sixth barrel kegs. Your keg can also be configured for up to three Cornelius kegs, one slim quarter and 1 sixth barrel keg, and one slim quarter and one Cornelius keg. The kegerator has a sleek black stainless steel design with reversible door hinges and casters for mobility. It has premium draft components i.e. (1) 5 lb. Luxfer CO2 tank, (1) dual-gauge regulator, (2) D Sankey couplers, (2) NSF PVC beer lines, (2) red CO2 lines, (1) stainless steel dual tap beer tower, (2) 304 stainless steel faucets, & (2) black tap handles. There is a convenient electronic control panel with a digital temperature display and LED interior lighting. A stainless steel top cover, drip tray and guard rail are also provided.


  • Built-in Capable: The EdgeStar’s Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator is built-in capable due to its unique front ventilation system.
  • Forced Air Refrigeration: The kegerator guarantees perfect non-foamy pour every time due to the forced air refrigeration system that not only distributes cold air all around and prevents possible hotspots too.
  • Air Cooled Beer Tower: There is a passage of cold air through the beer tower dispenser that prevents the first foamy pour, ensuring perfectly chilled beer all the time.
  • Adjustable Wide Range Thermostat: The thermostat can be easily adjusted and has a range from 32F to 60F.
  • Dual Tap: The dual tap functionality lets you run two different kinds of beer.
  • Electronic Control panel: The electronic, push-button control panel lets you adjust the temperature and other settings with ease and comes with a digital temperature display.
  • LED Interior lighting: The Led interior lighting illuminates the inside of the appliance without generating heat so the temperature remains perfect.
  • Stylish Design: The kegerator with its black cabinets, stainless steel door and components has a smooth and very classy look.
  • Durability: The door and the tower bar are both coated with stainless steel making the appliance very durable.
  • Reversible Door Hinges: The appliance can be adjusted for left or right handed opening, depending on your preference.
  • Caster wheels: Four caster wheels are provided to make the kegerator portable.
  • Required Parts and Accessories Included: It ships with all the parts and accessories from the CO2 tank, dual-gauge regulator, couplers, beer lines, dual tap beer tower, stainless steel faucets, black tap handles, to the stainless steel top cover, drip tray and guard rail.
  • Commercial Grade Components: All components are NSF approved and made in USA.


  • Negligible damage in shipping: The only drawback of the appliance is the damage to the exterior that might be caused during shipment.

The Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator is a total gem designed by Edgestar with unbeatable quality and design and no mentionable drawbacks! Each feature of the appliance is built to give you that perfect, fresh, chilled glass of beer that you desire!

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