Danby DKC5811BSL Kegerator Review

Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler

Looking to get a kegerator that provides maximum value for your money? The Danby DKC5811BSL is something you might want to consider. Danby is considered one of the leading brands of Kegs and for good reason! The Danby DKC5811BSL is efficient, sleek, easy to put together, has a reasonable price and comes with a number of features.

The Danby DKC5811BSL holds full or pony sized kegs (60 liters); the size dimensions are 24 x 24.1 x 35.1 inches and it weighs 113 pounds, meaning it is the size of a mini refrigerator. It has a 5.8 cubic feet capacity and doubles as a refrigerator of the same volume, while the counter depth is 24 inches. The Danby Keg Cooler has an amazing auto defrost feature and reversible door hinges that allow the door to swing in both directions.

It has three wire shelves, a mechanical thermostat and a scratch resistant work top. It is silver in color and made of steel; the spotless steel finish gives it an identical stainless steel look (without the smudging). The Danby DKC5811BSL comes with a CO2 tank (all hardware included), a chrome guard rail, a black/chrome beer tower dispenser, a drip tray and optional swivel casters that make it very portable.


  • Auto Defrost: The automatic defrost option is a great plus on this particular Danby Keg Cooler that stops it from freezing up and saves you from a great deal of hassle.
  • Easy Installation: By following the simple instructions in the manual, you can easily put it together in no time. After the installation, all that’s left to do is to fill up the CO2 tank and keg. The carbon dioxide tank can be easily mounted externally which is an added plus.
  • Capacity: It holds 36 standard sized bottles (750 ml). You can even add one broad shouldered bottle per row.
  • Mobility: The keg cooler also has wheels so it can be moved around very easily.
  • Reasonably Quiet: It does not make a lot of noise and is perfect for your kitchen or living room (though not recommended for bedrooms).
  • Doubles as a Fridge: When you’re not using it as a keg cooler it can serve as a refrigerator.
  • Elegant Design: The design of the keg cooler with its perfect metallic finish looks sleek and elegant and adds a great touch to your living room.


  • Lacks humidity control: Humidity  is around 40% which is again not ideal for long term storage.

If you love beer, having a kegerator at home is a must! The Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler is good pick for short term wine storage. It can be wheeled around at parties or used as a normal fridge depending on your needs. At such a reasonable price, it is one of the few Keg Coolers that comes with so many features.

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