Danby DBF163BL-1 Kegerator Review

Danby KegeratorThe DBF163BL-1 is an attractive kegerator by Danby specially designed for indoor use. It is ideal for get-togethers, barbeques, and any other event where you wish to serve fresh, chilled beer without worrying about the mess of bottles everywhere. The Danby DBF163BL-1 Full Size Kegerator comes with a host of features.

The Danby DBF163BL-1 Full Size Kegerator is large and spacious enough to hold full sized kegs i.e. 1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal). It comes with all the necessary parts and accessories; these include the 5lb Aluminum CO2 Tank (which comes empty and needs to be filled), the Single Gauge CO2 Regulator (to measure PSI and CO2 pressure inside the keg) as well as the Direct Draw Kit for D System Kegs.

The Keg Tap system is equipped with components required to tap all domestic brand kegs.  The Danby DBF163BL-1 Full Size Kegerator has a beautiful stainless steel finish. It has a black cabinet with a black door and comes with heavy duty wheels. The electronic temperature control at the front with its blue LED display shows the temperature and simultaneously adds to the beauty of the product. Additional features included with the Danby DBF163BL-1 are Field Reversible Door, Automatic Defrost, Scratch Resistant Work Top, Chrome Guard Rail, and Plastic Drip Tray.


  • Storage Capacity: The Danby DBF163BL-1 Full Size Kegerator has the capacity to hold one full sized or pony sized keg; two 1/6 barrels; and three 5 gal. Ball/Pin Lock Kegs or 5-Liter / Mini Kegs.
  • Can be Converted to a Fridge: It can be converted to a fridge (with adjustable plastic shelves) when it’s not being used to store kegs.
  • Heavy Duty Casters: It has good quality wheels for easy mobility.
  • Digital Temperature Display: The blue LED display mounted at the front of the kegerator is a highly useful and attractive feature.
  • Stainless Steel Look: The black cabinet with the black exterior (black door) gives the kegerator a very stylish look making it an elegant addition to your dining area or living room.
  • CO2 Tank Can be mounted inside or outside: The Danby DBF163BL-1 is spacious enough and gives you the choice to mount the CO2 tank inside as well as place it outside, on the back.
  • Includes all tap parts: The kegerator comes with all the parts required for installation.


  • Faulty Thermostat: The thermostat of the Danby DBF163BL-1 sometimes malfunctions which results in your beer not being stored at the desired temperature.
  • Has a Weak Defrost Functionality: The automatic defrost feature functions poorly and is not reliable.
  • No Instructions for Maintenance: There are no maintenance instructions included with the appliance.

Overall the Danby DBF163BL-1 Full Size Kegerator with its sophisticated design, large storage capacity and easy portability is a fine appliance; the only major drawback being the fluctuating thermostat. The kegerator can be converted into a refrigerator which makes it a smart investment. Keg Coolers are sure to cut down on the money spent on beers and wines and if you’re hoping to do that, be sure to check out the Danby DBF163BL-1!

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