Kegco Standard Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit Review

Kegco Standard Tower Kegerator Conversion KitThe Kegco Standard Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit is the product for you if you want to convert your extra, never used compact refrigerator or freezer into a Kegerator. The kit provides you with all the essential tools and component so that you can convert any compact refrigerator or freezer into a kegerator. The components included in the kit are manufactured keeping long life and high quality in mind. There have been no compromises in quality or workmanship.

High quality often brings high price in mind, but the kit is priced very reasonably. The beer you get is foamy and perfect, saving you lot of bucks in bars. There are many assembled Kegerator available in the market, but the quality and performance of Kegerator assembled using the kit exceeds them by far. And there is no hassle in installation. The installation and assembling is straight forward and relatively simple. In short, you can’t do wrong with this.

Specifications and Features

The conversion kit comes with a single faucet 3 inch in diameter draft tower manufactured from polished stainless steel. There is a commercial double gauge carbon dioxide regulator and an aluminum carbon dioxide tank with the capacity of 5 pounds. There is also an American “D” system Sankey level handle tap coupler and five feet of 3/16 inch of beer line assembly. The weight of the entire kit is 19.1 pounds. The one and only authorized reseller of Kegco Kegerator Kits are Beverage Factory.


  • All-inclusive
  • Quality Construction
  • Straight Forward Installation
  • Pours Great
  • Economical


  • Nuts and Bolts Are of Different Threads

If you want a Kegerator to last you for years to come, it is recommended to convert your compact refrigerator or freezer by using Kegco’s Standard Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit. It comes with all the components and gadgets required to convert your compact refrigerator or freezer into an effective and functional Kegerator. The price for the kit is great, but there are no compromises on the quality. The parts are heavy duty and high quality.

You can see the manufacturer’s commitment to quality in the workmanship. If have a spare compact refrigerator or freezer at home, convert it into a Kegerator with small investment and you can sit home and relax with a mug of foamy and carbonated beer. It saves you from the hassle of going to the bar every time you crave a mug of beer as well as saves you money. The shipping is quick and efficient. You will have the kit with you in no time. Spend less than an hour in installing it and enjoy as much beer as you want.

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