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Kegerator Conversion KitKegerator conversion kits are a good way of saving money if you want to have a home Kegerator. These kits are designed for various locations and applications and they are an efficient alternative to more expensive Beer Coolers and Keg Refrigerators. With them you can save money and enjoy your draft beer cold and fresh at home. These kits are a good investment because allow you to make savings on the beer bottles and cans.

In general, there are more designs of conversion kits, but they can be divided into two main varieties: door mount and tower. The door mount is dispensing the beer from a door mounted faucet. This facilitates access to storage of additional bottles or cans in the refrigerator and it is considered a more traditional design. The tower conversion type is dispensing the beer from a counter top mounted tower. You can get a bar look at home with this design.

The main Kegerator Kit components are the CO2 cylinder, the CO2 pressure line, the gas regulator, the primary beer regulator, the keg coupler, the beer faucet, the beer line, and the beer shank.

When you select your Kegerator Conversion Kit it is important to base your decision on factors such as the brand name, testimonials and reviews from other customers, easy installation, quality of components used (for example, high quality stainless steel components), extra offered such as cleaning components, price comparing with the competitors, shipping polices, and manufacturer support. A convenient way to buy a Kegerator Conversion Kit is on an online store.

2 Best Kegerator Conversion Kits

Kegerator Conversion KitsPriceRating (Out of 5)

Kegco Standard Homebrew Kegerator Kit

Kegco Deluxe Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit

Kegco Standard Homebrew1. Kegco Standard Homebrew

The Kegco Kegerator Standard Homebrew Conversion Kit from Kego features 5 feet of 3/16 inch beer line assembly, two plastic clams, 4-1/8 inch long beer shank with nipple assembly, a complete ball lock coupler, a chrome plated beer faucet and brass lever.


  • Comes with everything you need
  • Standard kit includes an upgrade to a Pro-Line double gauge
  • Commercial Grade Quality


  • Keg the faucet handle may get stuck a bit.
  • This kit comes with an aluminum tank, however some gas companies may only exchange it for steel tanks, and end up losing a few bucks in the exchange.

2. Kegco Deluxe Door Mount

Kegerator Conversion KitThe Kegco Deluxe Kegerator Conversion Kit comes with 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank, American “D” system lever handle coupler, a double gauge regulator for CO2, 6 inch x 4 inch drip tray made of stainless steel, brass lever, chrome plated faucet, and 4-1/8 inch long shank with nipple assembly.


  • Comes with all components you will need to build a dispenser for draft beer from your refrigerator.
  • The Deluxe kit adds a door mounted drip tray made of stainless steel and upgrades the faucet wrench.
  • All the parts are durable and built at high commercial grade quality.
  • The price is affordable and the product comes with free shipping if you order from

A can or bottle of beer is usually costing double than a glass of beer. With a Kegerator Conversion Kit you can build your own beer cooler for custom installation at your patio or home bar. There is a large selection of kits available on the market and they fit any budget or installation. With your Kegerator Conversion Kit you can convert just a regular refrigerator into a home keg cooler and draught beer system. The kits usually come with commercial grade components and are easy to assemble and install.

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