Different Keg Sizes

By | September 29, 2014

Having a long supply of beer at home at an economic price and without losing its quality in taste is a goal many men would like to accomplish. People with no intentions of being embarrassed due to shortage of beer in a party they are hosting will go for the ultimate economical answer, beer keg and for a chilled beer with the authentic taste the kegerator will be very helpful. The kegerator comes in different sizes according to that of the beer keg. The different types of beer keg sizes are:Keg Sizes


The Half Barrel Keg

It is the largest there is of the keg family and is mostly used in bars and restaurants. It has a diameter of 16.12” and a height of 23.3”. It carries 15.5 gallons (2063 oz) of beer and has a weight of 170 pounds when full. It is also known as the full keg and can be used in large events or business functions.

The Quarter Barrel Keg

It is 10” shorter than the half barrel keg but of equal width, making it 16.12” in diameter and 13.8” of height. It carries 7.75 gallons (1506 oz) of beer and weighs 91 pounds when full. It is usually used for small parties or home use. It is called the pony keg or stubby quarter.

The Slim Quarter Keg

This keg bears an equal amount of beer as the stubby quarter but has a totally different shape hence its name ‘slim’ quarter. It has a slender look with a height of 23.4” and a diameter of 11.25”. It is also referred to as the slim or the tall quarter. It is normally used in dual-tap kegerators for small parties.

The Sixth Barrel Keg

The torpedo as it is commonly known has the exact same height as the slim quarter keg but a smaller width. Its dimensions are 23.4” in height and 9.25” in diameter and holds 5.16 gallons (704 oz) of beer that weighs 58 pounds when full. It is usually used in dual-tap kegerators in homes and can also be used in bars without plenty of space. It is also known as the sixtel or the log.

The Cornelius Keg

It is also referred to as the soda keg, corny keg or homebrew keg. It measures 23” in height and only 9” in diameter holding just 5 gallons of beer and weighs 55 pounds when full. The Cornelius keg is usually used by home brewers as an option to putting their beer in bottles. It also has two connectors that one should be familiar with before purchasing.

The Mini Keg

It is the smallest in the keg family and only holds 1.1 gallons (169.07 oz) of beer. It is commonly used for portable applications such as picnic, watching a match with a number of friends or a small weekday gathering. Its dimensions are a height of 9.8” and a diameter of 6.75”. It is also referred to as the bubba keg.

The European Barrel keg

This keg is the second largest and holds 13.2 gallons of beer. It has dimensions of 20.94” in height and 16.06” in diameter and a weight of 130 pounds when full. It is commonly used by the European breweries and can be used for large parties and in bars too. It is also known as the import keg or the 50-l keg.

The price of a keg depends on the brand of beer, the reseller type and the geographical location. However the keg is much cheaper when compared to other beers sold in bottles or cans. A case of beer will go for an average of $17.99 while the same amount from a keg would cost an average of $8.40 thus saving $9.59 when drinking from the keg. It is all in your power to keep drinking from the kegerator while still saving a good amount of cash.


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