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5 Cool Kegerator Tap Handles

So, you’ve bought your new kegerator, installed it exactly how it says on the instruction manual and chosen the perfect spot to show it off. But you feel like something’s still missing – and you’re right! You can’t fully enjoy your kegerator until you’ve personalized it with a cool tap handle. There are a variety […]

Advantages of Owning a Kegerator

Do you dream about being able to pour yourself crispy, chilled, draft beer in the comfort of your living room? Well, you can now turn that dream into a reality by getting your hands on a kegerator – man’s sweetest invention (for beer lovers anyway)! A kegerator looks like a mini refrigerator on the outside, […]

Most Common Kegerator Problems

Though home kegerators are advertised to serve perfect chilled draft beer at every pour, they are not specifically designed to do so unlike commercial models. The basic model of your kegerator is that of a mini refrigerator and thus it operates on the same principles. So it shouldn’t surprise you that these appliances do have […]

Different Keg Sizes

Having a long supply of beer at home at an economical price and without losing its quality in taste is a goal many men would like to accomplish. People with no intention of being embarrassed due to a shortage of beer at a party they are hosting will go for the ultimate economical answer, the […]