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Advantages of Owning a Kegerator

Kegerator AdvantagesDo you dream about being able to pour yourself crispy, chilled, draft beer in the comfort of your living room? Well, you can now turn that dream into a reality by getting your hands on a kegerator – man’s sweetest invention (for beer lovers anyway)! A kegerator looks like a mini refrigerator on the outside, and can hold different sized kegs of beer depending on its storage capacity. You can pour refreshing, cold, draft beer by simply pulling down the tap of the tower that has a line running through it into the kegerator. If you’re a beer enthusiast, read on and find out why you should consider getting yourself one!

Tastes Better

The first and biggest reason to get a kegerator is the taste. With a kegerator your beer always tastes better – something that bottled and canned beer can never match!  Unlike hand pumps and coolers, kegerators keep your beer fresh for longer periods of time as they use CO2, ensuring cold, fresh beer with the perfect head.

If this were the only reason to get a kegerator, it would still be enough!

Costs Less

 Buying beer by the keg is extremely cost effective, especially if you prefer expensive brands. But even if your preference is some domestic brand you will still save money! Depending on the kind of beer you drink, you can save a lot of money per year by owning a kegerator as opposed to buying bottled or canned beer. Buying a good kegerator that fits your needs is a very smart investment. In approximately two and a half years (this timespan can be much shorter depending on how much you drink) your kegerator will end up paying for itself i.e. you’ll start saving money on a monthly basis.

Be Rid of Bottles

 Think about how much you hate picking up those bottles and cans from every corner of your house after a party. With a kegerator, you will never have to do that again. No more trips to the dumpster with trash bags full of clinking bottles. Kegerators keep your house free of empties and are environment friendly. Yes, your bottles and cans are recyclable, what wouldn’t it be better not to buy them in the first place?


And if you’re worried about what a big keg-holding machine would look like in your gorgeous wooden living room, then you need to take a look at the latest models of this beautiful invention! Kegerators with their sleek and elegant looks are designed specially to fit into any home décor. They are available in black and silver with platinum or smudge-free stainless steel finishes and would make classy additions to your kitchen, bedroom or living rooms.

Kegerators are designed keeping the needs of beer enthusiasts in mind. They not only keep your beer chilled but also come with a number of features that make them very desirable. Most full size kegerators are easy to install, come with all the necessary parts and accessories, and can be converted into mini refrigerators. Almost all models come with caster wheels to help you move them around in a party; some even include cleaning kits and automatic defrost function. So, find a kegerator that fits your needs and enjoy crisp draft beer without setting a foot outside your living room!

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