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5 Cool Kegerator Tap Handles

So, you’ve bought your new kegerator, installed it exactly how it says on the instruction manual and chosen the perfect spot to show it off. But you feel like something’s still missing – and you’re right! You can’t fully enjoy your kegerator until you’ve personalized it with a cool tap handle. There are a variety of tap handles of different materials, shapes, and sizes that you can choose from to display your favorite brand, sport, or any other aspect of your personality! Not sure what kind of tap handle to get? Our list of the coolest tap handles should help you out:

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle

 The Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle has a chalkboard surface and is made out of fine Walnut. It allows you to write on the erasable surface and saves your time and money as the same tap handle can be used for every keg. The Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle is compatible with all US lever faucet threads. It is ideal for home brewers as the chalkboard surface can be used to show what’s on tap. All you need is a piece of chalk or some chalk markers to start customizing it with messages or even drawings!

Heavy Weight Chrome Beer Faucet Tap Handle

This tap handle is made out of brass and is chrome plated which gives it a very elegant look. It is designed to fit 3/8″-16 UNC male threads and the size dimensions are 1″W x 6″H. The Heavy Weight Chrome Beer Faucet Tap Handle is a smart pick for home draft systems as it is not always possible to keep changing your taps with every beer. Its classy look and sleek surface makes it perfect for every occasion.

Changeable Draft Beer Tap Handle (Rectangle Top)

The Changeable Draft Beer Tap Handle is completely customizable with a Plexi-glass window that displays your personalized label. It is designed to fit all standard US faucet threads (3/8″-16 UNC). The tap handle has an attractive stained natural oak finish and is extremely easy to use. It allows you to create your own customized labels – inserting and switching them as you please. The Changeable Draft Beer Tap Handle is perfect for branded as well as home brewed beer!

Electric Guitar Beer Tap Handle

The Electric Guitar Beer Tap Handle is 8.5 inches in height and weighs 3 pounds. This wooden beer tap handle is fashioned exactly like an electric guitar and is compatible with most beer faucets. The kegerator tap handle is stylish and perfect for any music enthusiast.

Soccer Ball Tap Handle

If you’re a fan of soccer and your kegerator spends most of its time beside the couch in your TV room serving you and your friends while you enjoy the game on the big screen, then you need to get the Soccer Ball Tap Handle! It is easy to install and fits all standard beer draft faucets. The tap handle is made out of plastic resin and works with kegerators as well as traditional draft beer systems.

These and numerous other tap handles are available for you to personalize your kegerators with. You can choose your tap handles from a variety of categories ranging from basic tap knobs and short handles to sports, logo and novelty tap handles. Once you’ve chosen the perfect tap handle, simply install it by twisting it onto the faucet lever and turning it clockwise. All that’s left to do, is pour and drink up!

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